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Branding Your Way to Success

When we start out in business, everything seems so simple. We have a vision. We have a plan. Then, life gets in the way. At this stage in your career, you may begin to start questioning yourself: How consistent is the 'public you' with the 'private you'? Are you achieving the goals you set? Is your reputation what you hoped it would be? For most of us, the answer to these questions is, "Not really".

If that's your answer too, I have very, very good news for you.

Thanks in large part to the power of the Internet, you can re-create the public you to match the real person living inside. It's truly exhausting playing both sides all the time, especially when you can create a business life that allows you to be your full, authentic self and earn a living while doing it!
What I mean here, and I want to be very specific, is that you simply do not have to be chained to any past business mistakes or choices you've made. Out with the old—in with the new. And you can begin fresh, right now.

The secret to re-creating you lies in the powerful, yet often misunderstood concept, "branding".

Branding is perhaps the most important business skill one can possess. Branding is NOT showing one face to the public while actually being a different person inside. Branding is showing the world the how exceptional you really are. Because you, my friend, are EXCEPTIONAL. You and I know it, now all we need to do is find the right channels to let the world know it. Once they do, they will beat a path to your cyber-door in record numbers.
And the best part is, you don't have to go it alone. The Coach will help you every step of the way.
Today I want to give you three basic principles to "hang your hat on". I believe in action, don't you? I want to share with you three vital action steps that you can put into practice today. These action steps will be the beginning of your branding strategy.

Step 1

Carefully choose the products and services you represent.

Is there a disconnect between the real you and the products or services you've chosen to promote? If so, there's a conflict and your branding will reflect this inconsistency.
Spend some time choosing the products and services that you can really believe in. Belief in our product and ourselves It's where our enthusiasm originates, it's what makes us successful. It's this belief that give us the ability to persevere in the face of a challenge, or simply get up on a sleepy Monday morning.
So, what do you believe in? Do you believe in the product or service you're promoting now? GREAT! If not, let's go out and find you a product or service to believe in. And trust me, there are plenty out there worthy of your attention.

Step 2

We must make the words you say and the actions you take consistent with each other.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you send an email message to a group of prospective customers encouraging them to check out a product you recommend. In this message, you use a somewhat low-key approach that says, in essence, "Believe me when I tell you that you will love this product. I use it, love it, and know you will too". Again, familiar and low-key.

When the prospect arrives at your site they find a page that screams, "You'll get rich in the next 30 days!!" and pushes visitors to pull out their Visa on the spot, no questions asked.

Can you see the disconnect in these two messages? This is important because it's right there, during those critical moments that reputations are made or destroyed. You must choose products, services, and websites that will harmonize with the real you before successful branding can begin.

Step 3

Nowhere does who you really are become more evident than in the area of customer service.

How you respond, and how quickly you respond will literally make or break you on online. The good news is this. We KNOW, beyond any doubt, what people want. They want great customer service. They want to feel like you care about their needs, because you do care, and they want to hear from you quickly.

How do you provide great customer service and still have time to have a life? You can do this, and brand yourself as a caring, responsive businessperson by using an autoresponder! Here's how it works. You type out the answers to the 10 most common questions you hear about your product or service. Then you set those answers up in an autoresponder, the address of which becomes your primary customer service email address.

Now when people email you with a question they get an IMMEIDATE response that answers the most common questions, and they get your private email address if they need further help.

This is an obvious win-win-win. You win because you handle less email. You win because you're branding yourself as a person who responds quickly. Your customer wins because they get immediate service, unheard of today, and they get to ask you further questions as needed.

There is a better way. A much better way.

You can be a great brand, my friend. If you find that you're not where you want to be in your business, things are about to turn around. Today, right now, you can stop struggling to find your way through the endless complications and begin to rise above the petty challenges that most business owners fight.

The first step is to get your head and hands around this concept of branding and take action now to move toward your goals. But you don't have to do it alone. That's why I'm here!

  • Take the first step today by reviewing the products and services you represent. Do they represent the real you? If not, let's find you something better.
  • Take a look at the words you use on the phone, on your website and in your email or fax communication. Are they consistent in their messages, or do they throw up a red flag.
  • Last, and most important, think about what you really believe in. This is where you'll find your power.

I'm lucky. I found mine years ago. Now I'm fortunate enough to spend my days helping good people like you find yours. Let's work together and create your brand today.